The Firm

CVZ Attorneys is an experienced yet young and dynamic firm not only in terms of people but also in terms of its drive, attitude and determination during the years the practice has acquired an acute ability in understanding people and their needs, and through dedication and hard work, has developed the skills necessary to operate professionally and efficiently on both the corporate and individual level.

CVZ Attorneys is an experienced, yet young and dynamic firm in terms of both its people and its drive. Through a deep understanding of people’s needs, with a determined attitude and a thorough dedication to hard work, CVZ Attorneys has developed the skills necessary to operate both professionally and efficiently at the corporate and individual level.

Our firm operates as a member of the Law Society of The Northern Provinces with our main focus firmly rests in fields of law requiring specific experience and practice. Our firm has tapped into both commercial and corporate sectors specialising in the drafting of contracts, as well as matters relating to:

  1. Civil Litigation
  2. Criminal Law
  3. Institution of and Defending Eviction Orders
  4. Insolvency practice (with specific detail being paid to the legislation and Law pertaining to this field.)
  5. Contractual litigation and contractual drafting
  6. Business enterprise
  7. Advanced property law aspects
  8. Administration of Deceased Estates
  9. Sports Law
  10. Family Law AND
  11. Conveyancing